Twin Wire Arc Spray Systems

Metalizing Arc Spray Systems

Metalizing arc spray systems use both 3/16 or 1/8 diameter aluminum, zinc alloy or zinc, depending on the application and intended results. Metalizing systems are ideal in portable field applications including applying spray coatings to bridges, water tanks, transmission towers, wind mills, light poles and other large structures. When access to these structures is limited because of accessibility, large size and complex design, the use of metalizing systems is ideal because they can cover large surface areas with ease.

Using large diameter wires in metalizing systems provide corrosion resistance for years to come. Thermion offers three arc spray systems that are designed to uniquely fit specific applications. Available in three different sizes, these metalizing systems all product anti-corrosive coatings with varied degrees of coating surface and thickness. Whether your application runs at a moderate production rate or requires higher volume production capabilities to cover more surface at a quicker pace, Thermion has a twin wire metalizing spray system that will fit any need.

Precision Arc 3.2 - Moderate Production

Precision Arc 4.8 - High Production

Precision Arc 5.0

Click here to see a live demo of these high production machines.

What is Arc Spray or Metalizing?

Engineered Coatings / Hardwires Both Solid and Cored

The AVD arc spray series units are ideally suited to spray hardwires for use in electrical, anti-fretting and wear, reclamation of dimension, clearance control and environmental applications used in manufacturing and remanufacturing. Our unique AVD technology allows for successful spraying of 1/16", 2 mm, 3/32" aluminums, bronzes, chromes, nickels, stainless, tungsten, etc. Our most recent advancements allow for the spraying of 1/8" dia. hardwires. This will double, if not triple, the production rates experienced previously in these specialized industries.

"Mini" Arc Spray Unit

Our AVD 150 arc spray system will readily spray aluminum, zn/al, and zinc. This compact unit weighs about 35 lbs. and can easily be moved around either the worksite or shop by a single person. Used for small area touch up, field welds, galvanizing repair, automotive restoration, etc. Designed to use a minimal amount of services by way of air (20 cfm) and incoming power (single phase).

About Metalizing Technology Used in Thermion® Twin Wire Arc Spray Systems

Thermion's exclusive inventions for thermal arc spraying (metalizing) improved the twin wire arc spray coating metalizing process in coating quality, productivity, portability, and adaptability.

  1. High Deposition Metalizing - Maintains 70% deposit efficiency while spraying zinc at 189lbs/hr (86 kg/hr).
  2. Arc Shorting Control - This technology was patented due to its unique ability to control arc shorting in the arc spray process therefore maintaining a steady arc.
  3. AVD or Arc Voltage Drive - Eliminates arc shorting and automatically adjusts wirefeed to maintain a perfect arc which improves coating density and eliminates coating defects due to arc sputtering.
  4. Six Roll Drive - This drive guarantees a non-slip positive wire feedwith knurled feed rollers then removes the knurl effect when feeding continues through the liners and tips.
  5. TH604 Non Slip Coatings - This coating containing both aluminum and ceramics provides long term corrosion and wear protection for a non-slip or wear resistant coating for all substrates.
  6. Combination Leads - These leads accommodate the wire, power, and air, enables the front end assembly to be light yet handle amperages necessary to perform High Deposition Metalizing/Arc Spray.

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