Non Skid Aluminum Spray Coating

TH604 Anti-Slip & Anti Corrosion System

The purpose of the ceramic composite coating is to provide a wear resistance surface while also providing corrosion protection of the coated object. The coating material, a "Ceramic Core" tubular non slip / anti skid aluminum spray wire is filled with up to 46% ceramic, when sprayed onto an object produces a ceramic composite coating of aluminum and ceramic.  The aluminum spray wire serves as a binder for the hard ceramic and provides the corrosion protection to the underlying article, the ceramic material provides for wear resistance and adds long life to the coating.

The twin wire arc spray process is used to apply the material and form a coating, this process is simple, easy to learn, highly productive, and economical to operate. The process can be controlled to produce coatings with a surface profiled of different degree of roughness from slight to a very aggressive rough surface.  Aluminum spray wires are known to provide long term corrosion protection to steel and this material duplicates the long-term protection plus the benefits of high wear properties. This anti skid coating system is especially beneficial for use on steel and aluminum, however it can be applied to other metals and materials, including concrete and plastics.

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