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Automotive Arc Spray AVD 150

Mini Arc Spray

Model #79000 


Automotive Restoration System

Mini Arc Spray

The AVD 150 is a miniaturized arc spray system. Often times referred to as a metalizer and metalizing, it is in fact a twin wire arc spray system. First used for corrosion protection and remanufacturing, our process has found its long overdue place in automotive restoration. With yesteryears parts and cars being harder and harder to find, our process is becoming the preferred method to economically restore original parts and maintain the "original" part status.

How it works? The AVD 150 takes corrosion protective zinc and melts it using electricity from a welder. The melted zinc is then atomized and propelled using dry compressed air. In essence: spray painting. Only the coating being sprayed is actually of metal. All too often, older parts and cars have been subjected to nature's elements that have taken their toll. The areas affected by rust, such as holes, can be repaired. Simply clean the part or work piece, grind out rust and roughen up the surrounding area, then spray it with zinc. The zinc will slowly build up on itself and attach to the original part using a mechanical bond because it goes on cold. Meaning you can spray paper and not burn it. So there is no reason to be concerned about a distortion of your part. Because the zinc has an immediate cure, it does not run like paint. Once the hole or area is filled, you can stop spraying and move onto sanding or finishing the work piece. Zinc is fairly soft so you need only to sand it to the desired finish. Finally, you can send your newly restored part to have it powder coated. Yes, the zinc coating can withstand higher temperatures than bonds. See the before and after photos below.

Fender with Large Rust Hole
Before Fender With Large Rust Hole

Fender After Arc Spray
After Fender, Like New



  • Restores Valuable Original Parts
  • No distortion of part
  • Economical
  • Time saving
  • Maintains originality
  • Finished part is corrosion resistant
  • Can be Powdered Coated
  • Simple to use
  • Quick to apply
  • Easy to finish
  • Reduces restoration time

The AVD 150 uses small spools of material that mount inside the machine. This makes the system light weight and keeps the spray material clean of debris. Front end leads and gun follow suit, as they are built light weight and flexible, allowing them to access and maneuver into most all areas that need to be repaired or coated. The patented wire drive has virtually eliminated welding of wire to the tips and has extended spare parts' lives, with replacements being simple and quick when required. This system is easy to use and light enough to be moved by a single person with ease.



  • AVD (Arc Voltage Drive) Technology
  • Compact unit with wire spools contained within cabinet
  • Lightweight gun to reduce operator fatigue
  • Lower air and power requirements making the system usable in more shop and field applications

Power and Air Requirements:

  • Air: 80-100 Psi @ 30 Cfm, using 1/2" diameter air line
  • POWER SOURCE: (not shown) 200-250 Amps, Single/Three Phase - 50/60 Hz


(Please specify wire size)

  • Industrial Cart: manufactured for harsh environments
  • Flame-retardant cover: for protection during operation
  • Stretch out Cable Package: 50 FT (15M) contains one Control Cable and two Power Cables
  • Angle Spray Nozzle: Sprays hard to reach areas, behind beams, Internal Bores, etc

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