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Reference Materials

Arc spray systems and methods are reinforced with numerous sources of reference materials. These materials explain production aspects of arc spray systems, including thermal spraying construction & maintenance, as well as the life cycle cost of thermal spraying & required materials.                             

Arc spray materials and systems are used in a wide variety of industries and in a number of applications. Many notable organizations provide reference materials including valuable information regarding the application and processes of spray metalizing. Spray Metalizing characteristics and performance traits are discussed, including specifications for thermal spray feedstock, thermal spraying on various surfaces including steel and concrete and much more. Metalizing for corrosion protection on structures such as steel bridges is also explained within these materials.  

Reference materials provide current important information that explains the benefits related to using spray metalizing systems. Materials include several guides that outline the qualifications necessary for the safe operation of metalizing systems. In addition, reference materials explain the benefits of using zinc coatings and break down their characteristics and performance. The use of spray coatings to protect many types of surface materials are discussed, including:

  • guide for spray operator operation qualification
  • guide for protection of steel with thermal spray coatings
  • thermal spraying on reinforced concrete
  • specifications for thermal spray feedstock
  • thermal spraying application manual


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