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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

Application Database

 ComponentsMaterialsService Environment
Lift Gates for trucks Saftrax TH604 Liftgates are commonly used equipment for the transportation of goods via work truck. 
Flight Deck Navy Vessels Saftrax TH604 Aircraft Carriers Deck
Transition Plates, Fuel Trench Cover Plates, Fish cleaning stations Saftrax TH604 Fish cleaning stations are used year round and are subjected to very harsh weather conditions.
Dock Levelers Saftrax TH604 Dock levelers see pedestrian traffic, day in and day out. They are also exposed to the elements when a trailer has docked and the trailer has been back up into place.
Gangways, plank, bridges used for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Saftrax TH604 Corrosive atmospheres due to saltwater environments. Especially in coastlines, marinas, and icy states.
Food Truck Lift Gates Saftrax TH604 Trucks are loaded manually with rolling carts of food. Used in areas with inclines, and have a potential of slip and fall injuries. 
Upper and Lower Deck on ferry. Saftrax TH604 Passenger walkways and vehicular transition plates.
Trenching and shoring plates Saftrax TH604 Being of ordinary untreated steel, these steel plates become extremely slick when coming in contact with natural elements such as water and sand. 
Vault doors Saftrax TH604 Vault doors are put into service in many locations where pedestrian and vehicular traffic are found. Which become exposed to the weather and can become hazardous to the public.
Carriage rails  Saftrax TH604 Carriage rails required a wear resistance coating, that would also provide a traction coating.
Commercial entry way thresholds Saftrax TH604 Entryway thresholds required a non-slip coating. Due to the opening and closing of the door, the threshold is exposed to the elements, as well as pedestrian traffic.
Trench Covers Saftrax TH604 Trench covers see a large amount of vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and required a non-slip coating.
Mass Transit Car Vestibule Saftrax TH604 Chicago Metra needed a nonskid in their vestibule but could not remove the problem areas. They were able to use a portable Thermion metalizer to apply TH604 nonskid to these areas.
Scaffolding Saftrax TH604 Scaffolding that required a non-slip surface to prevent worker slip and fall.
Corrosion ResistanceComponentMaterialService Environment
Marine Intertidal Pipe Pile TH600 (Aluminum)  Intertidal saltwater zone, a highly corrosive environment. 
Work Boat Winches TH650 (Zn/Al) Aboard workboats and fishing vessels, encounters heavy corrosive salts.
Inland Fuel Tank TH600 (Aluminum) TH650 (Zn/Al)     TH700 (Zinc) Fuel tanks are vulnerable to corrosion by being stored outside. 
Liquid Propane Gas Tank (LPG) TH700 (Zinc) By applying a light zinc coating underneath the tank's final powder coating, it is provided with protection when the powder coating gets nicked or damaged.
Tube Seamer TH700 (Zinc) Galvanized steel is rolled into a tube. A resistance weld is used to seam the ends together. During the process, the galvanized coating is burned off. Zinc is then sprayed onto the seam to provide the same corrosion protection.
Wind Towers TH650 (Zn/Al) TH700 (Zinc) Zinc and Zn/Al is used to provide corrosion protection to wind towers as they are generally too large for the hot dip galvanizing tanks.
Light Poles TH700 (Zinc) Because of their length, they are very difficult for most galvanizers to put into their zinc hot dip tanks. Metalizing, as a result, offers a great alternative to apply a zinc coating.
Cast Iron Pipe TH700 (Zinc) Adding a few mils of Zinc on the diameter will allow for protection of the substrate for many more service years.
Inland/Marine Bridges- Cape Creek Bridge, Yaquina Bay Bridge(arches, south approach,north approach), Depoe Bay Bridge, Cape Perpetua Viaduct,Big Creek Bridge, Rocky Creek (Ben Jones) Bridge, Cummins Creek,Rogue River (Patterson) Bridge TH700 (Zinc) Bridge life cycle extended to 100 year life. Life cycle cost extended with coating. No VOC issues with thermal spray coating. Provides the best overall corrosion protection.
(Brenna, Hays, and Masson, 1995) TH600 (Aluminum) TH700 (Zinc) 1-year lab test: Immersion (unspecified water) Splash spray Severe marine atmosphere. Epoxy Topcoat provided on some panels.Both zinc and aluminum provided superior protection compared with painting alone. 
(Irving, 1993) TH700 (Zinc) Zinc is being successfully applied to concrete bridges to cathodically protect the rebar.
(Race, Hock, and Beitelman, 1989) TH650 (Zn/Al) TH700 (Zinc) Zinc and Zn/Al provided corrosion protection to the structure.
(Lieberman, Clayton, and Herman, 1984) TH650 (Zn/Al) Arc Sprayed coatings yield a less porous and more dense coatings than flame spray.
Blue Mesa (Gunnison, Colorado) TH700 (Zinc)  A zinc coating was applied to radial gates, which see a corrosive environment 9 months of the year being immersed in water. 2 coats of epoxy were applied over the metalized surface as a topcoat.
Glen Canyon(Paige, Arizona) TH700 (Zinc) A zinc coating was applied to the upstream side of radial spillway gates. The exposure conditions that the gates saw vary due to the fluctuating water levels, with portion of the surface typically immersed in water. Equipment such as stairs and internal structures, have also been sprayed with zinc.
Belleville Lock and Dam (Parkersburg, West Virginia), TH650 (Zn/Al)     TH700 (Zinc)      Zn/Al and Zinc were applied to the Belleville Lock and Dam, to help protect the structure from corrosion. 
Racine Lock and Dam (West Virginia): TH650 (Zn/Al) Tainter gates were metalized with 3–5 mils of 85/15 Zn/Al in 1993.
Mormon Flat Dam (Pheonix, Arizona) TH700 (Zinc) A coating of Zinc was applied to the Mormon Flat Dam gates to combat corrosion from being immersed in water. These gates saw a large amount of fluctuation of the water level, meaning that the amount that was exposed varied.
Metropolitan Water District TH700 (Zinc) The Metropolitan Water District (MWD) in southern California, must abide by strict restrictions on the use of VOC's. With a Zinc metalized coating, it offers a zero VOC coating that is long lasting, resistant to UV light, and allows for a quick transition back into service.
Flare Towers TH600 (Aluminum) These structures experience a large amount of high temperature corrosion.
Pipe Spool TH600 (Aluminum) Adding an aluminum coating before these sections are implanted adds years of service life to the parts that regularly see saltwater and atmospheric corrosion.
Pressure Vessels TH600 (Aluminum) Applying an Aluminum coatings provides protection against Atmospheric and CUI corrosion.
Storage Tanks TH600 (Aluminum) With the addition of an aluminum coating, storage tanks life expectancy increases greatly.
Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai TH600 (Aluminum) Vital structural components were sprayed with aluminum for corrosion control. 
EMI/RFI ShieldingComponentMaterial Service Environment
Shielding High Security Rooms TH700 (Zinc) Rooms built to house computers susceptible to damaging radio waves.
Severe Wear Walnut Cracker TH250 (Tungsten Carbide) Walnut seasons generally go from September through December and in some places through March. During the course of this time 12 million walnuts pass through the cones of this machine, causing a very large amount of wear and tear on the inside of the out cone, and the outside of the inner cone.
Architectural & Decorative CoatingsComponentMaterial Service Environment
Decorative Bronze Breastplate Bronze  The breastplate was shaped with copper mesh, and was then sprayed with bronze. This piece was also featured on Beyonces "I AM… Sasha Fierce" album in 2008.
Bronze Seed

TH700 (Zinc)  
TH520 (Si Br)

Sprayed with Silicon Bronze and polished to desired finish.
"Hallelujah" sculpture TH500 (Si Br) Sprayed with Silicon Bronze for its desired coating color.
Sundial  TH700 (Zinc)      Bronze Bronze was sprayed to give it the desired color.
Machine Element & Engineered CoatingComponentMaterial ChoiceService Environment
Machine Element Boiler Tubes TH351 (Chromium Carbide) Chromium Carbide is used on Boiler Tubes to combat the high temperature corrosion that the tubes are exposed to, as well as provide wear resistance from the airborne particles that occur in the boiler tube environment.
Submarine Door Locking Ring TH500 (Si Br) Over time, areas worn out of tolerance, these areas are then sprayed with Si Br (silicone bronze) and then finished back to dimension.
Exhaust Flumes TH180 (Iron Carbide) Exposure to hot ash and other abrasive products can quickly wear thin the substrate, Applying an iron carbide coating will significantly reduce the wear and extend the service life. 
Jet Turbine Blade Veins TH500 (Si Br) A Silicon Bronze coating was applied to the blade veins of the jet turbine as a wear resistant coating.
Aircraft Engine Exhaust Case TH243 (Nickel) Aircraft engine exhaust cases will see a large amount of high temperature exhaust pass through them, causing some corrosion and for the part to become out of tolerance due to the fluctuation of temperature. 
Machine Element & Engineered CoatingComponentMaterial ChoiceService Environment
Engineered Coating Crankshaft Buildup TH220 (Ni Cr) Applying a Nickel Chrome coating will build back the material to the desired dimension, and will help to fight the wear for future use.
Stainless Steel Snorkel Standpipe TH625 (Inconel) Applying an Inconel coating provides both a corrosion and wear resistant coating.
Rebuild Engine Head TH420 (Stainless Steel) Applying TH420 to components and machining them back to their required dimension, tends to be a more economical process, than replacing them entirely. 
Cutter Head Flute TH520 (Al Br) Aluminum Bronze coatings applied to a Cutter Head Flute, allows for a better wear resistance in a working environment. Whether it is wood cutting/milling, or metalworking.
Basic Shaft Rebuild   Typically the shaft is undercut to a uniform dimension, grit blasting the substrate is required after this process to remove the oils and gritty objects from the substrate. Once the material to be sprayed has been called out, the spraying process can proceed. The material is mechanically bonded on to the substrate and will start to add up to the desired thickness.

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