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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

Thermal Spray for Marine Applications

engineSaltwater environments have long since been known for their corrosive impact on steel. Chlorides attack steel at the subsea level as well as splash zones and even shore line areas. Steel boats have used zinc anodes for years with success, modern day fisherman are taking this concept to the next level. Not only are they spraying their hulls but they are also spraying their pilot houses, holding tanks, winches and the list goes on and on. One of the most popular areas is the actual deck. Whether the vessel is a fishing vessel or work boat they all have potential dangers with the loss of footing. Our SafTrax nonskid products have solved this issue. Not only do the oxides and carbides within the coating offer a superior nonskid surface it also provides corrosion protection through its aluminum matrix.


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