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Authorized Distributors

Thermion has certified thermal spray equipment distributors available around the world. Everything from non-skid coatings to spray wires are available around the world. Having authorized distributors around the globe means that Thermion products are readily available to meet your needs, no matter where you are located..

world map Distributors

Mr. Gary Van Pelt

Mr. Dave Sartor
Midwest Thermal Spray

Mr. Rich Luding
ESS, Enhanced Surface Solutions

New Hampshire
Mr. Chris Bremer
ESS Enhanced Surface Solutions

Mr. “Yuki” Morino
Sustainable Solutions Co. LTD.

Mr. Rupesh Sivaram

Mr. Syed Faizy

Mr. Roger Juana

Mr. George Binu

Mr. John Whitmore
Alloy Sales

No Information Available

Mr. Ronnie Tan Teck Seng

Mr. Ronnie Tan Teck Seng

Ms. Radana Brabnikova
Gamin, SRO

Mr. Otto Cheng
INSTEC, Innovator Surface Technologies

Mr. Chris Merrick

No Information Available

Mr. Jeongkook Ryu
Samwon Techno Co.LTD

Mr. Luis Felipe De la Puente
Metal Coating Peru SAC

Mr.Chisnupong Juengrouengsit (Guy)
Hummingbird Corporation Co.,Ltd.

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United States Distributors:

Pennsylvania/Ohio - 724-229-5791

Detroit, MI - 248-442-6540

New England - 603-491-2796

Houston, Texas - 409-626-2558

International Distributors:

Tokyo Japan - +81-90-7261-6467

Dubai U.A.E. - +91-9052-004488



Saudi Arabia

Western Canada - 604-940-9930

Singapore, Malaysia

Czech Republic - +420-596-115-008

Taiwan - +886-2-8662-6788

Auckland, New Zealand - 978-767-3608

Ulsan, S. Korea - +82-9346-8697

South America

Thailand +6681 (0) 566 9462

Hanoi, Vietnam

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