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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

Custom Spray Welding Systems

Tube Seamer

Model AVD 53100

Tube Seamer Thermal Spray System
Shown above with optional power supply

This custom spray welding system package includes all hardware, cables, and controls to perform spraying on tubing seam welds. The control console can be positioned at the tube manufacturing control station so spray rate can be readily changed to suit tube production. This twin wire arc spray system connects to just about any primary voltage source, including single or three-phase power 50 or 60 cycles, voltages from 2 20 to 575. For a fully automated custom spray system, all functions of the spray system can be PLC controlled and/or the start and stop function can be limit switch actuated.


Custom Spray Welding Systems

The spray rate can be controlled through a very wide range to allow adjustment for spray thickness, spray width, and tube speed. The dependability of this spray system allows numerous units to be added in series to coat very high production pipe systems. This spray system in many ways is over designed for this application, however, this robustness translates into a spray system with a very long life. All components of the system are modularly constructed with quick disconnects on all components, which allows very quick field maintenance minimizing downtime.


Power Source: (not shown) 350 Amp, Single/Three Phase, 220-475 Volts, 50 or 60 Cycle
Feeder: 55 Lbs. / 31.8 Kgs. ¼ HP Motor, Positive Feed, Low Maintenance
Control Console: Sealed, Flexible, Reliable and robust modular components
Spray Head and Leads: Extended length, 1/16” (1.6mm) dia. Wire, 24”-72” long
Drum Dispenser: Frictionless, Universal drum size, all wire sizes
Air: 90-110 Psi @ 50 Cfm, ½” IPS connection
Control Cable: Includes all cables to 150 ft (45M) Control cable (max distance)
Line Speed: Adjustable travel speed; able to match any desired rate


  • Remote Control Station: Fully automated control station
  • Angle Spray Nozzle: Used in tight or confined areas
  • Additional Systems: Additional spray units can be added for larger capacity

RDM-4 X/Y 4-Head Spray Robot

Thermal Spray Welding Systems Our RDM-4 robot machine is manufactured for high production thermal spraying purposes and provides the means for applying our SafTrax in an automated uniform fashion. This robot also provides an extraction of dust through a vacuum system as it applies the coating. Our equipment has been used to apply our SafTrax on the deck of the USS Wasp, for a wear resistance, non-skid, as well as for heat resistance for vertical take-off jets. With automated capabilities, this helps to mitigate the hazards that having an individual manually apply the coating. Such as, staying away from the intense rays that the arc creates, so as not to burn your skin or your eyes.

Precision Drum System


The unique Precision Drum System allows wire to be pulled from large payoff drums and feed through the Precision Dispenser by the spray feeder located directly on the front of the dispensing unit. This enables feeding wire to the feeder for field work and for remote spraying; feeding wire 100 ft. from the drum feed system to the end system performing the spraying. In this scenario the unit mounted on the dispenser becomes a slave unit and pushes the wire to the unit in front spraying.. The base platform or cart are not included with the Precision Wire Dispenser but is available upon request

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