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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

AVD 250: Lighter Production Spray System


Model #77250


The AVD 250 is the newest spray system in our AVD series. It has was designed specifically as an economical solution for applications that call for lighter production needs. Intended for shops that metalize as a sideline business as well as startup operations this AVD system comes complete and ready to spray. Utilizing our most up to date Arc Voltage Driven (AVD) technology this unit uses pure DC power from the Arc Energy to drive the wire feed motor. This patented feature automatically controls the wire rate to maintain a set arc gap for perfect atomization.

All Thermion AVD spray systems are fitted with the most advanced long-life friction free wire dispensing machines with sealed roller bearings for all moving parts. This quick and simple wire clamping system allows the wire to automatically be straightened as it is feed through the feeder. Coupling this technology with our light weight leads we can now offer a light weight portable machine the not only uses far less air than other spray systems but is also capable of easily maneuvering in small tight areas. Additionally, the patented wire drive has virtually eliminated welding of wire to the tips and extended spare parts life, with the replacement being simple and quick when required.


  • "AVD" (Arc Voltage Drive) technology
  • Lightweight gun to reduce operator fatigue

Power and Air Requirements

  • Power Source: 300 Amp, Single Phase - 60 Hz *Optional power supplies available
  • Feeder: 55 Lbs. / 25 Kgs.
  • Jet Force Head and Leads: 10' ft. 1/2" Leads with our Jet Force Head; Simple, Lightweight and Highly Reliable. Able to produce very tight and dense coatings with minimal porosity.
  • Wire Types/Size: All Soft Conductive Wires; 1/16" dia.
  • Air: 80-100 Psi @ 20- 40 Cfm, inlet line- no less than 3/8" dia.


(Please specify wire size)

  • Industrial Cart: manufactured for harsh environments
  • Flame-retardant cover: for protection during operation
  • Stretch-out cable package: 50FT (15M) contains one Control Cable and two Power Cables 
  • Angle Spray Nozzle: Sprays hard to reach areas, behind beams, Internal Bores, etc. 

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