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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

Industries Served

Industries that utilize arc spray systems and spray wires include defense, oil & gas and wind energy. Thermion spray systems are used in the defense industry to protect surfaces and components against high temperatures and harsh environments. Thermal spray coatings are often used on the surfaces of flight decks on sea vessels for protection and non-skid characteristics to be applied to the decks in which aircrafts land.

The use of thermal spray systems in the oil & gas industry are plentiful. In this industry, long-lasting and reliable components are depended on upon, and the application of thermal spray to parts ensures extended life. Coatings applied to parts in both onshore and offshore operations assist in protection against corrosion, erosion, extreme temperatures and strengthening seals to reduce the chance of leaking.

The applications of industrial thermal spray machines are beneficial for the wind energy industry dominantly for wind turbine towers.  Wind turbine towers are often located where there can be extreme environmental conditions and need measures taken to protect these structures from wear and corrosion. Both onshore and offshore wind turbine towers can profit from the application of the thermal spray as it protects not only joints and bolts used to assemble the towers but shield the entire exterior of the tower itself from the elements. Zinc alloy thermal spray coatings are used most often for these applications.

Automotive Thermal Spray Coatings - Zinc Coating for Automotive Industry


Vehicles have long since been a great candidate for metalizing with many different application areas. From spraying zinc to protect welded seams from rusting to spraying shafts and cylinders for wear protectionLearn More »

Defense Thermal Spray Coatings - Military Grade Arc Spray Equipment


Thermal sprays used in the defense industry protect and aid in non-skid applications, including components on aircrafts in addition to flight deck surfaces.Learn More »

Thermal Spray Coatings for Transportation - Metalizing Bridges


Bridges have long been a major factor in our state and local municipality’s budgets. Whether it is building a new bridge or rehabilitating an existing one, the question always comes back to, how do we lower life cycle cost and increase service life.Learn More »

Facilities Maintenance Thermal Coatings

Facilities Maintenance

There are a number of different areas under this category from, freight haulers/delivery trucks, warehouse, dock levelers and processing equipment to name a few.Learn More »

Thermal Spray for Steel Processing - Steel Fabrication & Metallizing Thermal Spray

Industrial Steel Fabrication

Steel has been used for decades for its strength. However, corrosion can decrease this strength exponentially in quick fashion under the right circumstances.Learn More »

Marine Industry Thermal Spray - Saltwater & Corrosion Resistant Thermal Spray


Saltwater environments have long since been known for their corrosive impact on steel. Chlorides attack steel at the subsea level as well as splash zones and even shore line areas. Steel boats have used zinc anodes for years with success, modern day fisherman are taking this concept to the next level.Learn More »

Thermal Spray for Municipalities & City Transit - Slip Resistant Coatings for Pedestrian Walkways

Municipalities / City Transit

Municipalities cover a wide spectrum of responsibilities from bridge maintenance to pedestrian walkways, streets, light poles and the list goes on and on. Metalizing has been able to help in some very key areas such as corrosion control on bridges, light/ transmission poles and structural steel to name a few.Learn More »

Thermal Spray for Oil & Gas Industry - Petrochemical Thermal Spray

Oil & Gas

Both onshore and offshore oil & gas applications use thermal spray systems on a wide array of components and applications, offering corrosion and wear protection with extended life of parts. Learn More »

Thermal Spray for Power Generation Industry - Power Plant Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Power Generation

Engineered coatings are used in abundance in the power generation field. All the application areas are not known as there are a lot however these coating can counter many combatants.Learn More »

Wind Energy Thermal Spray Coatings - Corrosion Resistant Coating for Wind Turbines

Wind Energy

Wind turbine systems use thermal spray including zinc alloy coatings protect these essential structures with protections against environmental elements that wear down both fixtures and external elements of these turbines. Learn More »

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