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Metalizing Systems & Process

What is Metalizing?metalizing system

Metalizing is the generic term used for the technique of coating metal onto an object’s surface. Metalizing is an overarching term used to describe all processes under thermal spray.

The different metalizing processes include:

  • HVOF
  • Flame Spray
  • Plasma Spray
  • Cold Spray
  • Twin Wire Arc Spray

Thermion specializes in manufacturing twin wire arc spray equipment.

Out of all of the metalizing processes, Twin Wire Arc Spray is the most cost-effective and productive solution for your coating needs.

What is the Metalizing Process?

The metalizing process starts with preparing the surface of the product. Then a metal wire is melted in metalizing spray equipment to become molten. After this, clean and compressed air atomizes the material, and the air then transports the atomized metal onto the product surface to form the coating.

How is Metalizing different from Galvanizing?

Metalizing is considered a cold process because the metal material is sprayed onto the object’s surface rather than dipping and galvanizing the object. This decreases the chance of the object being damaged during the coating process.

What is a Metalizing System?

A metalizing system is a machine used to create and spray the metal coating onto products. Metalizing systems are suited to spray hardwires for a wide range of industries.

All of Thermion’s metalizing equipment conforms to SSPC, AWA, and NACE industry standards.

Thermion provides the following metalizing equipment for your application:

What are the Specs for Metalizing?

AWS C2.23m, AWS C2.16, AWS C2.18-93R, AWS C2.25, ISO 209, ISO 14919, Tech Pub T9074-AA-GIB-010/1687and Mil-PRF-32577

Why Use Metalizing Spray Equipment?

Metalizing spray equipment can be used for protective, decorative, or functional coating applications.

Thermion's inventions for metalizing systems improved the metalizing process in coating quality, productivity, portability, and adaptability.

What Materials Are Used in Metalizing?

Metalizing systems are capable of spraying the following metals:

aluminum, bronze, chrome, nickel, stainless steel, tungsten, and more.

However, Zinc, Aluminum, and Zinc/Aluminum are the most common metals used in the metalizing process.

What Are the Common Industries that Use Metalizing Equipment?

Thermion commonly provides metalizing equipment for the following industries & applications:


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