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Thermal Arc Spray Wires

Twin Wire Arc Spray Coatings

Thermal Arc Spray Wires have been available for decades in solid form. These spray wires have worked in a multitude of applications successfully. However, they did have limitations as to their makeup. Chemical compositions are limited as to how they can be alloyed in order to achieve a solid state.

Cored wire technology has revolutionized twin wire arc spray coatings. Cored spray wires are produced by forming a thin strip of metal into a wire, at one point in the process material is added to the center of the strip as it is being formed, this material can be metallic elements or non-metallic such as carbides or ceramics allowing for a virtually endless amount of compositions to be made up.

Thermal Spray Wire Materials

Thermion’s wire materials have a proven history of outstanding spray-ability and have been treated to enhance feed-ability and productivity. Some of the common thermal spray materials we provide include:

Spray Wire Applications

The technology improvements in Twin wire arc spray coupled with the cored wire technology has evolved into an application process with virtually no restrictions.

Thermal spray wires are used in thermal spraying applications by feeding two wires into a spray gun, then generating an arc between the two wires to create molten feedstock that is transferred onto a surface to deliver a heavy twin wire arc spray coating. Thermal spray wires prove to be corrosion resistant in a number of demanding environments.

Thermal spray wire applications include:

Anti Corrosion Metal Spraying - Steel Wire Corrosion Protection

Standard Corrosion Wires

One of the ways of protecting steel against corrosion is by applying a sacrificial coating. Using the sacrificial anode principle, these coatings offer superior life cycles. Learn More »

Anti-Corrosion Thermal Spray - Anti-Slip Spray Wires

Anti-Slip / Anti-Corrosion

The purpose of the ceramic composite coating is to provide a wear resistance surface while also providing corrosion protection of the coated object. Learn More »

Hardfacing Thermal & Arc Spray Wires

Hard Facing Wire

Component replacement of parts can be one of the highest expenses on a company budget. With the capabilities of wear resistant coatings, we can help to reduce, if not eliminate the cost of replacing such components that experience any given amount of wear.Learn More »

Machine Element Arc Spray Wires - Thermal Spray Coating Machine

Machine Element

The typical process for applying Machinable Tool/Grind material, would be to undercut the substrate, blast the substrate free of contaminates, apply coating to the substrate, and machine it back to the desired thickness.Learn More »

Decorative & Architectural Spray Wire Coatings

Architectural/Decorative Coatings

Decorative coatings are gaining in popularity mainly due to the ability to reduce cost.Learn More »

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