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Thermion Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Thermal Spray?

A. The process of taking material in the form of, wire, rod or powder made of either metallic or non-metallic makeup and heating it with gas or electricity and then propelling onto a substrate to create a coating.


Q. What processes are considered thermal spray?

A. HVOF or High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel, Plasma Spray, Power/Wire/ Rod Flame Spray, Detonation Flame Spray, Cold Spray and Twin Wire Arc Spray


Q. What is Metalizing?

A. Metalizing is a generic term used to describe all processes under Thermal Spray.


Q. What is Twin Wire Arc Spray?

A. Twin wire arc spray or electric arc spray utilizes energy produced by a power supply (welder) to energize two conductive materials, one positive and the other negative. These two wires meet at a gun head where they arc against themselves, at this point the material becomes molten. Dry compressed air is used to both atomize and propel the particles to the substrate. Note, once the particles leave the arc zone they start to solidify and thus are in a semi-molten state.

Q. Why choose arc spray over other thermal spray processes?

A. Arc spray uses two wires which lends itself to be more than twice or more productive than other thermal spray processes. Arc spray also needs only dry compressed air and electricity making it significantly more economical to operate than other costly thermal spray processes.

Q. What all kind of materials can be arc sprayed?

A. Any conductive material in wire form can be sprayed using Twin Wire Arc Spray. For years, there have been a plethora materials available in solid wire form. Further to this, the advance of cored wires has created endless possibilities of wire compositions for wear, abrasion, and corrosion, to name a few.


Q. Who is Thermion and how long have they been around?

A. Thermion is a worldwide leader in Twin Wire Arc Spray Equipment manufacturing. Back in the early 80‘s Frank Rogers invented his technology for arc spraying thus kick starting Thermion into a major manufacturer of Arc Spray equipment.


Q. Is Thermion a USA company?

A. YES, all of Thermion’s equipment and parts are manufactured right here in the USA at Thermion’s facilities.

Q. Does Thermion sell wire?

A. YES Thermion maintains a considerable amount of wire inventory in-stock of everyday used materials with specialty wire only being a day or week out.

Q. Does Thermion offer any training on its equipment?

A. Yes, Thermion has decades of experience in arc spray and gladly shares this wealth of knowledge and techniques.

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