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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

Precision Arc 3.2 Anti-Corrosion Arc Spray System

Economical and Versatile Anti-Corrosion Spray System Anti-Corrosion Arc Spray System

Recommended Use: On site/ field use when moderately high production rate and portability is needed.

Precision ARC 3.2 Capabilities

The PRECISION ARC 3.2 Metalizing Spray (Model 71000-3.2) uses Thermion®'s patented design, originally introduced as the Thermion®'s 500. This Metalizer allows for trouble-free spraying minimizing wire clipping. In looking at the successes of this Twin Wire Arc metallizing system, it has proven itself to be the most reliable and productive machine using 1/8" diameter zinc, aluminum, and zinc/aluminum alloy materials on the market.

Precision ARC 3.2 Materials Used

The Precision ARC 3.2 can be operated manually or automated using 1/8" dia.; Aluminum, Zinc/ Aluminum(85/15) or pure Zinc.

Recommended Use for the Precision ARC 3.2

This Thermion® Metalizing unit uses our Fan Spray Gun that can be hand held or machine mounted for fully automatic spraying. It is designed to use standard thermal spray wire spools and can be setup to use our Precision Drum Dispenser which allows the use of large payoff drums, thus providing up to a day of continuous spraying, thus saving daily labor, increasing up time and savings on material cost. This standard metalizing spray equipment comes complete with all the basic components to perform metal spraying in either the shop or on the job site.

The PRECISION ARC series has a full function remote control at the feeder allowing wire speed and voltage to be adjusted by the operator. There are also meters for the amperage and voltage on the feeder for this piece of metalizing equipment. Wear life of consumable parts is exceptionally long, with the replacement being simple and quick due to its modular design.

Common Applications for the Precision ARC 3.2

A main stake amongst contractors performing corrosion control coatings in both the field and shop worldwide Thermion®'s Precision Arc 3.2 is built robust and modular making it very portable and easy to use in even the harshest of metalizing environments. Its modular design coupled with Thermion®'s proprietary technology has improved “up time" on nearly every metalizing job it has been used on.

Metalizing contractors around the world have found that this twin wire arc spray system is a must-have when metal spraying any job with time constraints. The major industries for metalizing include:

Features of Precision Arc 3.2 Anti Corrosion Spray:

  • Remote Amperage And Voltage Meters With Control At The Feeder
  • Arc Shorting Control Technology
  • Thermion® Exclusive Modular Construction
  • Deposit Efficiency; Aluminum 75%, Zinc 70-%, 85/15, Zinc Aluminum 70%
  • Emergency Shut Off
  • HD Hi Temp Machine Components
  • Thermion®'s Exclusive Ergonomic Handle

All components are factory built to be "plug and play": no tools are needed when connecting components. Additionally, connection errors have been eliminated because each fitting is unique to itself.

Precision Arc 3.2 Metalizing Spray Package

FEEDER Cart Mount Feeder set up to run 1/8" dia. spray wires; feeder can be detachable for use in small (down to 24") entrance areas
FRONT END ASSEMBLY with Fan Spray Head
INDUSTRIAL CART with high profile dust sealed wheels, heavy duty construction for shop or field use. Easily hung or rolled about the harshest environments.
CONTROL BOX modular constructed for quick change of complete control box or internal components, also interchangeable with any model of Thermion® Metalizing Systems, Series 5000 (Thermion® 500), 51000 (Thermion® Bridgemaster), 53000 (Thermion® Spray Master) or 54000 (Thermion® Precision Arc)
50 ‘ CONTROL / POWER LEAD specifically designed for Thermion® systems using advancements such as shielded conductors for EMF protection, and a tough outer jacket resistant to cuts and abrasion to maximize service life.
TOOL KIT contains tools to service the equipment plus special items for convenience.

Power and Requirements

  • 450 Amp @ 100% Duty Cycle; 50/60 Hz. / 208, 230, 400, 440, 575 Volts. *CE models available
  • Aluminum (TSA / thermal sprayed aluminum); 28 lbs. an hour, 112 sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • Zinc; 80 lbs. an hour, 160 sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • 85/15 (zinc aluminum); 75 lbs. an hour, 225 sq. ft. at 10 mils
  • Air Consumption, 90-110 psi at 60 CFM, 1/2" IPS Connection


(Please specify wire size)

  • Small Wire Change Over Kits: 1/16" (1.6 mm), 2 mm, 3/32" (2.3 mm) **
  • Jet Force Head: for low-density coatings applied at high velocities. I.e. Engineered coatings **
  • Angle Spray Nozzle: Sprays hard to reach areas, behind beams, Internal Bores, etc.
  • 450 Amp Inverter: a 100% duty cycle Constant Voltage Power Source - 118 lbs. Lightweight and portable.
  • Remote Drum Feed System: for use of large payoff drums up to 150'
  • Precision Drum Dispenser: allows use of large payoff drums of zinc or 85/15 (zinc aluminum)
  • Precision Reel Dispenser: for use of large aluminum reels (equivalent to zinc payoff drums)
  • Flame Retardant Covers: Cart, feeder or large payoff drums
  • Spray Material: Zinc, Aluminum or 85/15 Zinc Aluminum, which are manufactured to Thermion®'s specific specifications.
  • Custom Products: we can engineer, design and build industry or customer specific components and systems
  • Keyed Emergency Shut Off: for supervisor lock out

* Additional cost may apply
** When ordering Please specify wire size

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