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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

Thermal Spray Options and Services

Thermal Spray Welding Systems

Thermion has been inventing and manufacturing arc spray equipment for over 30 years. Being the actual inventor and manufacturer gives Thermion a complete understanding of both their equipment as well as the service environments it is used in. Thermion prides itself in working closely with its customer. In doing so it allows us a direct relationship with our customers and first-hand knowledge of both equipment performance as well as working environment and their constraints. This kind of knowledge is crucial in being able to further refine and advance our metal spray equipment accordingly. Thermion is a USA based manufacturer that reacts quickly to address customer or job concerns to fully support customers and ensure successful job completions. With this approach in supporting projects, Thermion has over 70 years of combined hands on experience which is shared within the industry.

Thermion is a full-service equipment manufacturer not only offering premier arc spray equipment but we also offer a plethora of services as well as optional equipment.

Services offered but not limited to;

  • 70 years of combined metal spray knowledge
  • Application Information
  • Complete Machine shop
  • Complete Blast and Spray Facility
  • Custom Equipment Builds
  • Equipment Repair/Refurbishment
  • On-site Training
  • Service Manuals
  • Training at Thermion’s facility
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Available Options:

  • Wire Delivery Systems
  • Precision Wire Dispenser
  • All Terrain Wire Dispensers
  • Large Reel Dispenser
  • Extended Boom All Terrain Wire Dispenser (Ideal for Spraying Wind Towers)

Equipment Peripherals:

  • 50Ft. Power/Control Stretch-out Packages
  • Angle Spray Nozzle
  • Extended Gun Handle
  • Flame Retardant Cart Covers
  • Flame Retardant Drum Wire Covers
  • Inverter Power Supplies
Arc Spray System Accessories & Equipment  - Thermal Spray Coating Accessories


Over the years, lessons learned has provided us the means to keep our equipment up to date, to meet the demands of our customers, and the wide variety of jobs that is called out for in the metalizing industry.Learn More »

Thermal Arc Spray Testing Equipment

Testing Equipment

We have access to a variety of testing equipment to insure the quality of your coatings. Thermion will help determine what type of equipment will be best suited for your situation. Including but not limited to a wide range of interchangeable probes, capabilities of storing up to 150,000 readings, Measurement accuracy to +1%, and much more.Learn More »

Thermal Spray Safety Gear for Metalizing

Safety Gear

Your safety is first and foremost our biggest concern. We carry and have access to a multitude of safety gear to go along with our Arc Spray Equipment, and can help to determine what will fit your exact needs and specifications to get your job done safely.Learn More »

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