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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

AVD Technical Info

AVD Technical Info

System Features:

  1. Wire Drive Components: The Power-Drive drive assembly features a powerful no-slip drive along with a high torque and high temperature rating. This produces a wire feed drive that’s as close to indestructible as present technology allows while still maintaining a light weight design. The feed rollers are self-adjusting to the wire diameter and are forgiving to imperfections in the wire, such as, kinks and diameter variances. Its uniquely designed drive and straightener system delivers features not available on any competitive models and offers the optimum in positive wire feeding performance. For example, core wires have been impossible to straighten with standard back-setting techniques, due to their non-uniform direction of bend. The four feed rollers of the AVD feed system, shapes the wire and straightens it, the results have practically eliminated mismatch of the spray wires at the spray head which contributes to this arc spray systems dependability. Only two different sets of feed rolls allow spraying wire diameters from 1/16" (1.6mm) through 3/32" (2.4mm).
  2. Control Module: This ‘patented’ module controls all spray functions, the electrical controls have been miniaturized to the point that it all fits onboard the wire feed unit, therefore eliminating the need for an electrical enclosure. It is plug connected for quick service if malfunction should occur.
  3. Arc Stabilization and arc shorting control: This "patent pending" and "patented" electrical design concepts are the secret of success for spraying wires at low amperages. It eliminated arc shorting during spraying and in the process of doing so; it eliminated the welding of wires in the tip, heat build up in the liner system, and tip wear caused by electrochemical depositing. 
  4. Automatic Start up with no wire clipping: The clipping of wires for restarting is eliminated; the first function of the start up cycle is to reverse the wires to create a gap for arc starting. If the arc should fail to start, and the wires again become shorted, the system will repeat the start cycle until spraying begins. 
  5. Machine or Robot Spraying: The Auto Arc spray system is especially applicable to automated spraying. The wide range of spray rate settings allows a wide range of deposit rates with the same diameter of wire. The automatic start startup feature stated above assures arc starting with all type and sizes of wire without operator intervention.
  6. Spray Head: The spray head is made of durable lightweight polyurethane that can withstand high temperatures without warping as well as holding up to abuse of field working conditions. It can be hand held or machine mounted for automated spraying.
  7. Lead Connectors: This system has been designed to minimize the electrical junctions, which are always the point of problems for high energy electrical circuits, as this arc system contains.
  8. Handle & Trigger Assembly: This new style of handle and trigger assembly was developed to solve reliability issues due to failure caused by dust and to address concerns for safety and operator usability. The double contact switch provides a backup and the non-latching feature assures the system will shut down if the operator should loose control of the gun for any reason, such as an accident or medical mishap. The ergonomic design of the trigger and handle assembly allows full palm and fingers control for long operations with minimal fatigue. The electrical circuitry is a low voltage, and is safe to exposure; additionally the plastic construction assures full electrical insulation to the operator. The trigger and switch mechanism is constructed such that it is field serviceable and if dust does accumulate inside the mechanism it can be disassembled and usually fixed by blowing out with an air gun. 
  9. Emergency Stop: This switch is provided for the safety of all personnel within the area of arc spraying. Anyone close to the feeder can stop the spraying operation by pushing this safety switch.
  10. All Purpose Cart: This cart was designed for the harsh thermal spray environment. The tires will not go flat and the wheal bearings are totally sealed including the swivel mechanism. The cart frame provides protection to the equipment and convenience for moving it and for rigging when required.
  11. Modular Design: The total system is built with modular design, plug in components. The control module is contained in a separate unit with quick disconnect fittings, that allow quick field replacement if problems should occur. The total system contains quick release connections for fast setup and quick tear down.
    • A full compliment of spare consumable parts
    • Angle nozzles are available for spraying behind structural members or inside pipes and other things.
    • Drum dispenser systems are available to take advantage of bulk wire dispensing, which minimizes down time making it ideal for automated setups.
    • Remote console controls for; voltage, amperage and air pressure.
    • No Read Single dial, basic package.

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