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Thermal Spray for Municipalities & City Transit


Slip Resistant Coatings

Municipalities use Thermion® thermal spray for a large number of applications, including pedestrian bridges and walkways, road bridges, public transportation, and more. Our thermal spray coatings for municipalities and city transit provide corrosion-resistant and high-traction solutions that extend life span and enhance safety. For example, untreated metal bridges exposed to moisture can quickly corrode and become slippery, which negatively impacts the structural integrity and increases vehicle or pedestrian accident risks. For this reason, our high-performance, proven corrosion protection coating can lower the life-cycle cost while increasing service life and longevity of a bridge. Metalizing municipal equipment, transportation vehicles, and plant machinery and systems helps reduce the rate of corrosion and wear. This is a cost-effective way for your city to lower repair and replacement costs, reduce maintenance cycles, and extend the lifespan of valuable municipal assets and resources.

Also, our slip resistant coatings for pedestrian walkways will enhance surface traction and safeguard the bridges, walkways, playgrounds, recreation areas, and streets in your community and the people who use them. The non?skid and non-stick nature of these surface coatings will improve the safety of municipal areas while reducing slips and falls. These coatings can also be used in municipal facilities, such as wastewater plants and maintenance facilities, to reduce workplace accidents and injuries.

The advanced line of Thermion® thermal spray coatings for municipalities and city transit offer numerous benefits, including enhanced corrosion and wear resistance to protect bridges, city vehicles, and other public assets. They can also be used for rep Also, our slip resistant coatings for pedestrian walkways and other public spaces improve the safety for everyone who

Common Municipalities And City Transit Applications

Our thermal spray coatings offer broad solutions for enhancing, protecting, and prolonging the lifespan of a wide range of municipality and city transit equipment, including:

  • Road bridges
  • Walkways
  • Light poles
  • Pedestrian and foot bridges
  • Railings
  • Drain covers
  • Portable platforms
  • Bike paths
  • Pedestrian walkways
  • Entranceways
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreation centers and stadiums
  • Utilities
  • Sidewalk grates
  • Tree grates
  • Vault covers
  • Municipal plants
  • Maintenance facilities

Common Equipment For Municipalities And City Transit

Thermion® Arc Spray Systems use twin-wire arc spray technology to apply thermal sprayed coatings. 

The following AVD series metalizing systems are ideal for use for various municipal and city transit applications:

  • Precision Arc 3.2 – Economical and versatile anti-corrosion thermal spray system. Ideal for both onsite and field use when moderately high production rate and portability are required.
  • Precision Arc 4.8 – Low energy, high deposition metalizing system that is recommended for both large onsite and field use when ultra-high production rate and portability are required.
  • AVD 250 – Newest spray system in our AVD series. It was designed specifically as an economical solution for applications that call for lighter production needs. Intended for shops that metalize as a sideline business as well as startup operations.
  • AVD 350 – Commonly used for to spray engineered coatings as well as anti-corrosion and restoration applications. Ideal for normal production rates.
  • AVD 450 – Designed for engineered coatings as well as anti-corrosion and restoration applications. Ideal for both moderate and high production rates.
  • AVD 456HD – This machine includes our new high-density arc spray coating system, which is ideal for high production rates. Features include preset spring pressure, which allows a continuous and precise pressure on the wires at all times and does not change when new wires are loaded.

Materials Used For Thermal Spray Coating

Some of the common thermal spray materials we provide to municipalities include:

  • Aluminum– Extremely durable coating that provides total corrosion protection and significant life improvement over conventional barrier coatings
  • Zinc – By providing a barrier coating protection to iron and steel, zinc thermal spray is a highly effective and proven method of corrosion and oxidation protection.
  • Zinc/Aluminum – Anti-corrosive coating that offers the benefits of both materials. For example, the aluminum slows down the dissolution of zinc, which increases the duration of the protection.
  • Steel – Produces a well-bonded coating that is excellent for wear-resistant, dimensional restoration, and machine element repair applications.
  • Copper ­– Offers good resistance to corrosion and both mechanical and thermal shock.
  • Stainless Steel – Enhances machinability and wear and corrosion resistance. Excellent for dimensional restoration and machine element repair applications.
  • Cobalt – Provides superb resistance to chemical and mechanical degradation over a wide range of temperatures.

Thermion thermal spray for anti-slip and anti-skid applications are also available from SafTrax. Using our AVD series metalizing systems and the twin arc spray process, these thermal spray types can be applied to steel, aluminum, concrete, plastic, and other surface materials to provide continuous and safer non-slip surfaces. For more information on anti-slip and anti-skid thermal sprays from SafTrax, contact us at 877-895-5731.

Why Thermion?

Thermion® metalizing equipment provides proven long-term corrosion protection of structural steel bridges. Using our patented equipment systems and technology, you can apply zinc, aluminum, and zinc/aluminum coatings to an existing bridge in the field. Also, our thermal sprays for bridges also provide new levels of hardness and added wear and erosion resistance. 

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