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QPL Approval - Thermion SafTrax TH604/TH604CF (Chrome Free), Qualification QPL -32577

AVD 450 for Engineered Coatings & 1/8 Corrosion Wires

Model # 77450 Series

Spray Systems for Engineered Coatings

Thermion®'s AVD series utilizes our latest technology. The patented Arc Voltage Drive automatically controls the motor speed to maintain a perfect arc gap which creates consistent high-density coatings. This new method of controlling wire feed along with reversing the wire at the end of the spray cycle eliminates wire fusing and allows for smooth starts every time the trigger is pulled.

All Thermion® AVD metallizing systems are using the most advanced, long-life, friction-free wire drive assemblies that include sealed roller bearings for the feed rolls and the v-grooved bearings used for wire straightening. The wire straighteners are designed into the wire drive assembly and can be easily adjusted to the wire size being sprayed. The clamping pressure for each feed roll is automatically adjusted according to wire size and type. This quick and simple wire clamping system allows consistent, trouble-free feeding of all spray wires.

Our light weight Front End Assembly consists of two combination leads which carry the power, air, and wire along with a small supplemental air line and the trigger cord.  This creates a very flexible and durable 13' gun. For the AVD 450, we have attached the Fan Spray gun to create uniform, wide spray patterns.

Thermion® AVD metallizing systems

The AVD 450 is commonly used to spray engineered coatings or machine element wires in diameters of 1/16”, 2mm and 3/32” but it can also spray corrosion control wires like aluminum, zinc/aluminum and zinc in 1/8” diameters.

In the corrosion industry, all wire types from 1/16” to 1/8” can be sprayed with this system. Increasing wire size is very productive when applying wear coatings, coatings for chemical corrosion atmospheres as well as galvanic protection coatings using Zinc, Aluminum, and Zinc/Aluminum that don’t demand the high production of 3/16” size materials.


  • Feeder Unit comes stock with a Miller 450 Amp. conventional power supply
  • Industrial Cart is Manufactured for harsh environments
  • Fan Spray Gun technology with 13' ft. leads to produce high quality engineered coatings
  • AVD (Arc Voltage Drive) technology

Power and Air Requirements:

  • Air: 80-100 Psi @ 65 cfm, inlet line- no less than ½" diameter
  • Power: Three Phase – 50/60 Hz, 230/460/575 V.


(Please specify wire size)

  • 1/8" Jet force front end assembly
  • Flame-retardant cover: for protection during operation
  • Stretch out cable package: 50FT (15M) contains one Control Cable and two Power Cables
  • Tool Post Mounting

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