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Cost Effectiveness of Thermion Nonskid

Published on: Dec 19 2015

Nonskid Thermal Spray Solutions

One of the most cost effective Non-Skid solutions in the industry, learn more.

Currently, the Navy applies over 100,000 gallons of organic based non-skid deck coatings per year. Application and removal of organic based non-skid coatings generates large quantities of hazardous materials and releases known carcinogens and crystalline silica into a ship's atmosphere and waste stream. Proper disposal of the hazardous materials places significant strain on budgets dedicated to environmental compliance. Life-cycle costs are also impacted due to increasing nonskid maintenance costs, including application, repair and removal of deck coatings. The Navy spends about $27 Million per year on non-skid deck coating maintenance for East Coast ships alone. -NAVSEA NSWC-Carderock 


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