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High Performance Wire Drive System

Published on: Mar 19 2012

High Performance Wire Drive System

Wire Drive System 

Thermion's High Performance Wire Drive System is designed to spray all types of wires from 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter through 3/16" (4.8mm) diameters, each wire drive is specifically equipped to feed solid and cored wires of all types of materials.

The system is designed to gain all the forces of the motor drive for feeding of the wire with minimum power loss to sliding resistance. In achieving this goal coating qualities have been improved for all material types, such as, lower porosity and superb performance of Thermion's arc spray systems.


Features of Wire Drive System

  1. Exclusive Roller Bearing Inlet Guides: At the beginning of the wire feed operation the spray wires are being pulled from spools and enters a roller bearing wire guide which eliminates sliding friction and totally eliminates wire feed interruption at this point.

  2. Wire Straighteners: The spray wires come directly from the inlet guides and enters the roller bearing wire straighteners which will straighten cored and solid wires, straight wire is the greatest single factor to achieve good performance of an arc spray system. All spray wires regardless of packaging are bent when they enter the wire feeder, some wires are kinked as well as bent, and if these condition are not fixed, prior to feeding into the wire liners, it causes wire feed problems due to excessive friction and misalignment of the spray wires at the point of convergence in the arc zone. The straightener roller bearings are strategically placed to perform the straightening process with minimum pulling force and can be adjusted to straighten all wire including cored wire, which usually are badly snarled when it leaves the spool.

  3. The wire feed system has been engineered for operator convenience as well as performance, all moving parts contain roller bearings, and spring adjustments of wire feed rollers are preset. Tools are not required for operations and all feeder functions are performed by hand. All feed rollers are gear driven, as well as knurled for positive grip on the wire; the highest performing feed system contains six feed rollers on each wire, with the last set of feed rollers being smooth to knock down the knurl prior to entering the liners.

  4. The wire drive system is designed to last forever with wear parts being replaced with sealed roller bearings that hold in lubricant and holds out dust. All gears are heat treated to Rc60 and are expected to last for the life of the equipment; the feed rollers are also heat treated to this hardness and can last indefinitely with some materials. The feed system is simple yet machined to very close tolerance with CNC machinery, and if disassembly is required it will reassembly with perfect positioning of all parts.

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