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Part Number Laser Engraver

Published on: Feb 18 2016

Laser Engraver

Thermion has made, what we feel, is a huge advancement in the way our part numbers are marked. In years past, diagrams and related part numbers were only available in the corresponding manual of the metalizing unit. This method has worked over the years but had lots of room for improvement. In keeping with our longtime mantra of “working closely with the end user” we have found the manual gets filed away never to be seen again by the operator. When it came time for the applicator to service the equipment he would inevitably need parts and be clueless as to the part numbers. This coupled with our ever advancing equipment and parts have made this process difficult.

SOLUTION, Invest in a laser engraver…

Laser Engragving


For each part of our Twin Wire Arc Machines, we now have a permanent part number engraved using our laser. This is an important feature for communicating the parts required for repair, consumables, and just simply for recognition of the parts. While not only providing a way to visually see our part numbers, we are also offering this service to local companies, who are looking to do the same.

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